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Recent Activity

  • build Build Team

    Today we attached the lifting arm to the robot. We filled down the sharp edges as we attached it. We began working on the drawer slides so we can lift the arm.

  • build Build Team

    We continued working on the lifting arm. We tried to find a good place on the robot to place the arm. We started building a good place to place the arm on the robot so it can work correctly.

  • code Code Team

    Today we worked on a robot for the coders, we made the robot a lot smaller but it can be used by the coders to code the robot. This is also a practice robot before we finish the actual robot.

  • build Build Team

    Today we continued working on the arm for competitions. We began to strip apart the robot from the freshman activity fair. We took off everything besides the chassis. We let the freshman go through tutorials for code and we helped them through all the basics that they would need to know before they start coding the robot.



  • buildBuild
    This group builds the physical robot, and designs it and perfects it over the season. You get to use power tools. Once the robot is finished, or our idea is finalized, this group CADs the design so we have a 3D drawing of our robot. You get to play with the 3D printer in the CAD lab.
  • codeCode
    The programming group codes the robot so it can move. This group tends to be the drivers during competitions.
  • descriptionDocumentation
    Competitions require all the work that robotics has done to be recorded throughout the year. People in doc collect and create a booklet of all that has gone into the robot and the club as a whole.
  • monetization_onInspire
    This is the marketing/ business portion of the club. Inspire works on community service, STEM outreach, sponsors, and any club run events.



About The Club

Highlands Robotics 3983 competes in First Robotics competitions during the fall and winter season. We are very flexible with schedules, therefore we have many athletes in the club. Highlands robotics is a very diverse group of students from cheerleaders to varsity football players and even girl scouts! This club is great for people who are up for a challenge.

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